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Glasgow North East Carers Data Protection & Privacy Notice

Glasgow North East Carers Centre provides practical and emotional supports to unpaid family Carers, including Young Carers and their families. 

As a result, your information will be collected and stored by ourselves, with your consent.  The legal basis of sharing/storing/processing your information will be via consent.  You may withdraw this consent at any time.

This improves the level and extent of supports and services we are able to provide.  We are using your information in order to assess your own need for support, and to plan and deliver that support. We also use your information to contact you by post, email or telephone, maintain our records, manage any funding of services and to demonstrate that we are providing proper services on behalf of our funders.  

If you do not provide your information, there may be limitations or delays in the supports and services we are able to provide.

Some of the main points regarding how we process/store/share your information, are detailed below:

•    This information sharing can help you receive quicker access to appropriate supports 
•    It also helps us monitor and evaluate the quality of our services and supports. 
•    We may also be required to share your details, and those of the person you care for, with other organisations, in order to provide services         and supports, e.g. a short break service or referral to a money advice agency.  Depending on the agency being referred to, information               may require to be shared by email.
•    We hold your name, address and telephone number in our files (computerised) in addition to other details relevant to you and the services       you require.  
•    All computer records are protected by passwords known only to staff of Glasgow North East Carers Centre.
•    Information will be kept secure and confidential, and only accessed by staff who need it for the purpose of providing or improving services
•    If someone else contacts us on your behalf, for example a relative, friend or Service User, we cannot disclose any personal information               about you unless you give us your permission, or the law allows it. 
•    Glasgow North East Carers Centre will retain your information for a period of 5 years from the last service contact we have with you.  You           can request we no longer store your information at any time.


For more information contact:

Glasgow North East Carers Centre
Jean McInaw
Tel: 0141 781 0728/ Fax: 0141 781 0123


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